Budget- The Dirty Word, shared by Dave Ramsey

“You’ve got to tell your money what to do or it will leave”

~Dave Ramsey~

The holiday season is over and most of us have found that we have over indulged not only on the goodies but with the credit cards as well.  Now a few pounds heavier and a few dollars lighter, how do we recover?  Well to drop a few pounds we would exercise and eat better, right?  So, to fatten up our wallets Dave Ramsey, the budget king, would probably say we need a budget and a plan.

Check out Dave Ramsey’s other educational videos on money here and his most popular books below:

Dave Ramsey delivers the message clearly but we all cringe at the thought of making a budget.  Forcing ourselves to sit down and look at where we are on paper financially can be uncomfortable.  Maybe that’s why the word budget to us is such a dirty word.

Do you actually know where every penny is spent?  I for one will fess up and say ‘no’.  I’m more than sure many can relate as well.  We really need to start asking ourselves do we really need to stop for coffee every morning?  What if we take that coffee money and applied extra toward that credit card that we want to pay off?

We are certainly always ready for another credit card or another car payment.  For some strange reason, we appear to be comfortable with debt.  Our necessities have really become materialistic things.  Living pay check to pay check one would think we would be ready to take control of our money.  It would become the last straw.  Can you imagine for once telling our money what to do as Dave Ramsey highly suggests.  Our financial stress would decrease greatly.

Contributed by “C. Hill”


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