How to Become Silent? shared by Sadhguru

You haven’t partied until you’ve partied at dawn in complete silence with Buddhist monks.

-Cameron Diaz-

Why is it so challenging for us to be quiet? Does silence hold a deep importance in our loud world?  Today’s video, shared by Sadhguru is a short lesson in becoming silent when noise pollution is a common companion.

Sadhguru stresses the importance of silence, not just as the absence of sound, but as an important way of communicating. He encourages us to allow ourselves to become part of life as an observer rather than a judge. Further, he tells us that silence is possible when we don’t think much of ourselves. Sound interesting? Check out Sadhguru’s Wise Reads here:

Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy

A Taste of Well-Being: Sadhguru’s Insights for Your Gastronomics

If you want to delve deeper into the power of silence, the BBC did a great story about silence in the modern age. Additionally, you can learn more about Sadhguru via his ChannelWebsite.

Enjoy this exercise in silence! Give it a try; you may be surprised at the amount you can accomplish by being quiet.

Have a great day and Stay Wise.


7 thoughts on “How to Become Silent? shared by Sadhguru

  1. Excellent ! I visited Sadhguru’s Isha Yoga centre recently .Stayed there for 3 days.It was a wonderful experience ..I have even shared my experience in detail in one of my blog..Sadhguru is mystic & majestic !

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