Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.

-William Blake-

Can becoming an early riser help us find the energy and calm to bring about a productive day? Does a goal require your attention but by night it becomes a distant memory due to your tired mind? Keep reading and maybe you could find a bit of Quietude in the morning.

Zen Habits calls “Quietude”, the peaceful hours of the early morning;  no kids yelling, no soccer balls, no cars, no television noise. But how do we get there when our phones, tablets and social media accounts beckon us into the late hours?

Take a look at these Wise Reads about Waking Early!

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Check out the Art of Manliness website for more great content to help you find that inner tough guy! Find everything from Eisenhower’s Decision Matrix to the Sioux Guide to Situational Awareness. Also, check out their Channel where those articles come alive with some well done video. Hope you enjoy.

Have an awesome week!  Wake Early and Stay Wise.