4 Sneaky Signs You’re Seeking Approval, Shared by Jade Joddle

“When we approve of ourselves, rather than always seeking approval of others, we find happiness.”


From the time that we are young, we look for approval from our parents (or any adult guiding us) and maybe even grandparents. We look for approval for our behavior, making sure we are making right choices, grades, colleges, careers and so on. As we get much older and still insist on doing this it becomes more of an addiction.

Some of us (most of us) become that person that’s always
seeking approval and acceptance from others. It has become an
addiction. That addiction takes up so much of our precious time and energy that it will eventually make us miserable. We strive for people to like us and we change who we are in order for that to happen. However, we tend to lose who we really are in the process- we lose our true selves and maybe our identity.

Do you find yourself seeking approval? This particle video helps you identify with “sneaky” signs that could be pointing the way that you are living your life seeking approval from others.

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If you do identify yourself as this person, what if one day you stopped this behavior and lived a life you approve for yourself? Wouldn’t you be so much happier? A weight would be lifted off your shoulders knowing you are free.

Do what makes your life happy WITHOUT approval from others!



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