How to Stop Procrastinating, shared by Mimi Ikonn

‘Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.’

-Don Marquis –

We probably all have procrastinated over something at some point in our life.  Possibly some of us can even identify ourselves as being chronic procrastinator’s (we do it ALL the time).   Being a person that does it all the time, have probably just adopted from the time they started.  But why do we do this to ourselves?  How do we stop that little voice in our head that nags at us to put it off?

We always come up with an excuse when it comes to doing something (or just getting it done) or making a change in our life.  We resist it for one reason or another.  We tell ourselves that we will do it Monday or do it the next day.  If we keep resisting, we won’t change or even do what we set out to do in the first place.  Later in the day we find that we are asking ourselves why didn’t we just do it earlier.

By procrastinating like we do we could potentially be missing opportunity that is placed in our hands.  We also could be putting off getting a dreadful task done which will put more stress on ourselves later.  We are pretty much deliberately putting obstacles in our path and making life even more difficult (and again stressful).  We are also potentially taking time away from our loved ones because we have to get that task done that we’ve been putting off (what a vicious cycle).

In the short video above there are a couple of tips to help you out and hopefully break the procrastination cycle.



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