How to Deal With Anxiety, shared by Emily Hartridge

Anxiety and spiritual searching have been consistent themes with me, and that figures into my worldview. So, I tend to make my songs sound like those relationships.

-David Bowie-

When we face anxiety it always seems to be a lonely endeavor. Don’t others face the belly rumbling and shaky hands like we do? Maybe those who we find charming and successful face the same challenge? Today’s Daily Dose shared by Emily Hartridge is a wonderful share about coping with anxiety.

Emily is not what the world expects of an anxious person. She is hilarious, beautiful, and successful. Like many  of us who put our work out for the world to judge, Emily admits to having a more confident public persona than a private one. In this clip Emily works through a Q&A of what helps her cope with daily anxiety. She also shares her enjoyment of Paul David’s work below:

At Last a Life

Check out Emily’s very helpful tips and personal story on the mental health section of her Channel. On a lighter note, don’t miss her 10 Reasons Why videos which make up the comedic part of her channel, they are awesome. Many thanks to Emily for broaching such a sensitive topic with a balance of advice and humor. I wish her continued success.

Enjoy Emily’s hard work today and Stay Wise!


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