Where to Travel in 2017: 12 Places to Go! Shared by Hey Nadine

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”

-Anita Desai

Some of us are looking to move our feet and visit places we’ve never been or even go back to places we’ve might have been and love. Maybe the end of 2016 one of your New Year’s resolutions would be to take the time to travel a bit more. Experience life more as well as other cultures and foods.

Maybe at this point you’re unsure of just where to travel to. If you’re looking to experience life in places outside the United States, then you’re in luck! This particular video by Hey Nadine talks about places they have been, enjoyed and give short descriptions on these various places. Greenland, Patagonia, Morocco, Belize, New Zealand, Bali, Paraguay, China, Cuba are places that these young ladies recommend traveling to
this year (2017).

Go and experience what they did! Keep in mind you may have a different point of view than they did. They did state that their own destination of choice for 2017 is Ethiopia, India and Madagascar. Check out these Wise Travel Reads for some inspiration too!

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2017 (Lonely Planet’s the Best in Travel)

2017 Good Sam RV Travel & Savings Guide (Good Sams Rv Travel Guide & Campground Directory)

Maybe you’re feeling a bit anxious just thinking about traveling outside of the United States to the places they recommend- that’s normal. Traveling can make you anxious especially if you have the hunger to travel to a place you’ve never been.

Put feelers out on Facebook (if you have an account). There are so many groups on that particular platform that have different traveling groups to answer the questions you may have. They can give you tips on where to stay, where to eat and where to go to experience the culture. By listening to people that have been to a particular place and or even researching (on your own) the place can help ease that anxious feeling you may be having.

Remember knowledge is power (and reduces the anxious feeling)!


Contributed by C. Hill


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