The Optimist Creed, shared by Melissa Alexandria

“There is no problem that doesn’t have some underlying need for more optimism, stamina, resilience and collaboration.”

-Jane McGonigal-

Why does optimism seem to be in such short supply for many of us? Can we make optimism a daily practice? Maybe a mantra to help us forget the mistakes of the past and focus on the future? This Weekend’s Wisdom shared by Melissa Alexandria distills optimism into a short yet powerful poem.

The Optimist Creed was created in 1912 by Christian D. Larson and every word still rings true as we have yet to surpass the need for a reminder to practice optimism. Larson encouraged right thinking and it’s healing effects on the mental stress we humans feed ourselves daily. Check out the Wise Reads about the Optimist Creed below:

The Optimist Creed and Other Inspirational Classics: Discover the Life-Changing Power of Gratitude and Optimism (Tarcher Success Classics)

The Optimist’s Creed: How to Make the Most of Opportunities by You Hopeful Outlook

Melissa Alexandria is a talented young YouTube creator who emerged about two years ago with a channel which promotes love, positivity & a healthy lifestyle. Her channel is filled with awesome videos which motivate you to create your dream life, become financially successful and put your health at the top of your priority list. Melissa is a wise young woman who is a joy to watch.

Please enjoy this powerful prose and support Melissa Alexandria in her endeavor to spread good vibes and love. Connect with her via her channel, Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Stay Wise and Optimistic.


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