“In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.”

-Albert Camus-

Why does knowing ourselves matter so much? Do most of our mistakes come from the failure to understand ourselves well enough? Today’s Daily Dose shared by the School of Life is an exploration into the importance of introspection.

Alain de Botton narrates the tale of Androcles and the Lion; an ancient fable urging insight into one’s pain to prevent us from lashing out to those close to us. Introspection, affectionately called soul-searching, can be found in many forms of cognitive inquiry.

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Alain uses the allegory of Androcles and the Lion to bring us back to the usefulness of introspection in our daily relationships. In a world with endless commentary and stimuli, we often see rash judgments based upon the inner pain one is facing. Whether it be a bad day at work, a tough moment with a child or partner; much can be learned by examining our own momentary mental baggage before responding.

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The Course of Love: A Novel

Stay Introspective and Thanks for Reading!