Living In A Car – My Story, shared by Hobo Ahle

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

-Leonardo da Vinci

What if adventure could be yours without changing jobs or becoming a millionaire? How does one gainfully employed young woman use her income to travel and enjoy the world’s great gifts? Could we all find contentment in the small but adequate shelter provided by a vehicle?  Today’s Daily Dose shared by Hobo Ahle shows us how she made the choice to live life on her terms!

I began following Ahle after being intrigued by her choice to live in a car, a very compact car at that point. She documented using the facilities in her community to live a life of minimal fixed expenses. Since then I have been inspired by her journey and excited about her plans to become a van dweller. Check out her awesome van here!  If you’re intrigued about living a life of adventure like Ahle check out the Wise Reads below:

How to Live In a Car, Van, or RV: And Get Out of Debt, Travel, and Find True Freedom

Walden on Wheels: On The Open Road from Debt to Freedom

Spend some time with Hobo Ahle and her Channel, you may begin to appreciate simplicity in a new light. If you are interested in following her journey, connect with Ahle via YouTube and Instagram as she documents her travels. Many thanks to Ahle for sharing her journey and may her future be filled with more joy and adventure!

Have a great day and Stay Wise.


6 thoughts on “Living In A Car – My Story, shared by Hobo Ahle

  1. I cannot help but think that safety is an issue — especially for a young woman living in this way. I understand that “tiny house” living is popular, at the moment. Please, however, consider your other options.

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    1. When I head out I plan on thinking of safety as an important aspect of tiny house traveling. I already have purchased pepper spray and a big knife. Guns are not legal some of the places I want to go, but a toy gun could scare someone off I suppose. I also plan on adopting a big dog, training him properly and having him be my main security. Then there are the big work boots I can plant outside the van.
      These are tricks I have heard about and will incorporate into my safety plan, plue no hitchikers, its not the 60s. And charming people can turn into creeps when they get you alone, so I won’t be getting in my van with a cute psycopath either. Duh.

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