5 Steps to Your Greatest Year Ever, shared by Lewis Howes

I’ve worked too hard and too long to let anything stand in the way of my goals. I will not let my teammates down and I will not let myself down.

-Mia Hamm

As 2017 begins to open itself to us, how can we reciprocate? Many of us set goals for the New Year but few of us ever bring them to life. Today’s Daily Dose, shared by Lewis Howes gives us 5 simple steps to achieve those goals in 2017!

In this awesome clip Lewis shares 5 steps which can bring us closer to our dreams:

  1. Have a Clear Vision
  2. Focus on Your Health
  3. Find Quiet Time and Meditate Daily
  4. Find Your Tribe and Spend Quality Time with them
  5. Pursue Your Dreams and Take Active Steps

Lewis Howes is an American author, entrepreneur, and former professional Arena League football player. He hosts The School of Greatness, a podcast as well as a YouTube Channel nearing 100K subscribers!  The School of Greatness is a top rated leadership and personal development podcast on iTunes and provides motivational content from authors, business leaders, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, and many others.

Lewis recently published  The School of Greatness, a hardcover book where he shares the tips and habits gathered from interviewing “the greats.” The lessons and practical exercises in his book prove how anyone is capable of achieving greatness. Check it out here!

Last but not least, Lewis hosted the first Summit of Greatness in 2016, where he gathered an array of Leaders to teach attendees how to achieve their dreams. If you want to meet Lewis at the 2017 Summit and find your Inner Greatness click here!

Many thanks to Lewis Howes for his work in 2016 and may he enjoy continued success in 2017. Well done Lewis.

BTW…Check out Lewis’s other awesome read:

Hope you all enjoy the day and remember, Stay Wise.


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