“I’m a black athlete, and a lot of black athletes go broke. I do not want to become a statistic. Oprah told me a long time ago, ‘You sign every check. Never let anyone sign any checks.”

-Serena Williams-

Why is it taboo to admit you’re broke, yet gloat when you’ve amassed wealth? Unless you are a teenager or college student there is immense shame in being penniless. What if we stopped lying to ourselves and took action? Stopped complaining and started changing?  Today’s Daily Dose shared by Brendon Burchard is an awesome start in exploring the journey toward financial stability.

Brendon works to teach us 5 steps to take when you are broke:

1. Don’t Lie.
2. Take immediate action.
3. Ask for Help.
4. Save 10% to 20% now.
5. Retool.

In this short video, Brendon does a wonderful job of laying out the above pointers with words of encouragement that help the task become possible rather than insurmountable. Spend some time with this video and may find yourself feeling motivated and optimistic about securing a solid financial foundation.

Brendon Burchard is an author studying motivation and high performance, his insights began after a near fatal accident at age 19. He is the bestselling author of The Millionaire Messenger, and The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive. Brendon shares his message via an awesome YouTube Channel that hosts hundreds of videos showcasing his message, “Did I Live? Did I Love? Did I Matter?”. Brendon also hosts a weekly podcast called The Charged Life, where he explores how we can live fully and love openly.

Please check out Brendon’s work via his channel and website, you will find it uplifting and inspiring. Many thanks to Brendon for his commitment to help motivate people to live better. Well Done.

Have a great week! See Below for 3 Wise Reads by Brendon!