Millionaire Gives Money Away and Lives in VW Van, shared by Dylan Magaster

I think the whole world is dying to hear someone say, ‘I love you.’ I think that if I can leave the legacy of love and passion in the world, then I think I’ve done my job.

-Lionel Richie-

What will be your legacy? Will it be the bank accounts, homes and cars we put so much work behind during life? Will it be the endless stream of photos on social media of our dinners, vacations and memes? Today’s Daily Dose shared by Dylan Magaster gives us the story of a man who decided his legacy would be unique and far-reaching.

Mazzi is a young man raised by a wealthy family in Dubai, the showplace of material wealth. After having achieved millionaire status, with all the lavish toys and trophies, Mazzi found himself feeling empty and powerless. He gave away his wealth to help loved ones who were suffering with health issues and took off in a VW van to explore the world. Having maintained that business mindset, Mazzi created Spice of My People, a new company which donates its earnings to build medical centers in small towns and villages. Watch Mazzi’s story here and get a glimpse of the happiness he has found.

Dylan Magaster is a photographer and filmmaker hosting a channel featuring people who have created the life that they want. He focuses on Tiny houses, Van Life, Travel, and Adventure. Dylan created this awesome work while traveling in his van and encountering Mazzi. Learn more about Dylan and his passion via his channel, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Many thanks to Dylan and Mazzi for sharing this powerful story.

Hope you enjoy this story today, thanks for reading!

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