5 Years Living Without a Cell Phone, shared by Exploring Alternatives

Technology can be our best friend, and also be the biggest party pooper. It interrupts our own story, our ability to have a thought, to imagine something wonderful, because we’re too busy on the cell phone.

-Steven Spielberg-

When was the last time you intentionally left the house without your cell phone? How about taking a vacation or retreat without a cell phone constantly alerting you? Could the lack of this amazing little device bring us back to the present moment? Today’s Daily Dose shared by Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives gives us a glimpse into an abundant life without a cell phone.

Mat and Danielle, Bloggers & YouTubers are not swearing off tech. In fact, they have embraced it in a more minimal fashion. Rather than carrying the expense of a smart phone they opt for using wi-fi and their laptops for daily communication. Without the constant distractions, they embrace moments of living in the present enjoying the fantastic van life they love.

We love to offer so many excuses as to our need to be connected 24 hours a day; it was not long ago that we could roam free of the additional distraction a smart phone provides. Life still happened and we still responded to important details even if we did so an hour or two later rather than instantly. Our penchant for documenting every moment was not so powerful, and that was just fine. So maybe you don’t ditch the cell phone like Mat and Danielle, but maybe you take a few short vacations from your phone each day. You may find the tether free moments enjoyable and useful in creating more moments you love.

Learn more about Mat and Danielle’s site dedicated to living large with less, visit them on YouTube, Instagram, & Facebook. You can also check out their Guide to Van Life, which covers the most commonly asked questions about living and traveling in a van including; how to buy a van, where to park overnight, how to stay clean, how to stay safe, and much more.

Many thanks to Mat and Danielle for their awesome work. May they enjoy safe and fulfilling travels in the years to come!

Have a great week everyone and Stay Wise!


3 thoughts on “5 Years Living Without a Cell Phone, shared by Exploring Alternatives

    1. Yep must be odd for you. I remember getting a mobile after my G.C.S.E’s (UK exams at 16). I do miss thoses days and the aditction people have to them is a real problem. Myself included I would love to do this, but its getting harder as payphones are disappearing.

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