How I Live in My Car, shared by Eileah Ohning

I like simplicity; I don’t need luxury.

-Francis Ford Coppola-

Could a successful model and photographer live in her car full-time and do it in style? Could we all find contentment in the small but adequate shelter provided by a vehicle? What can be learned from the conscious decision to make a small footprint with your belongings but a large one with your passions? Today’s Daily Dose shared by Eileah Ohning shows us how.

I began following Eileah a year ago after being intrigued by her choice to live in a car. Since then I have been inspired by her journey and excited about her plans to become a van dweller in a few short months. Eileah teaches us that we are not stuck, choices are always available. In a culture where large homes and cars are praised we forget that our basic needs can be met by much less.

Spend some time with Eileah and her Channel, you may begin to appreciate simplicity in a new light. If you are interested in following her journey, connect with Eileah via Youtube, Instagram, and her website. Many thanks to Eileah for documenting her journey and may her future be filled with more joy and adventure!

Have a great day and Stay Wise.



3 thoughts on “How I Live in My Car, shared by Eileah Ohning

  1. Living in the car has been on my mind for some years now. I guess you could call it my Plan B. Obviously the size and layout of your car would be critical in this. I personally wouldn’t want to live in my Honda accord. But I could easily see living in a van an SUV or a pick up truck. Any vehicle that is long enough behind the driver seat to stretch out fully and sleep. That seems like the biggest issue right now to me. Great post and great video.

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  2. how do you stay warm in the winter without running your car (which obviously would give you away as being there even at night) what about eating? do you have cookware or do you just eat out all the time? 800 vs 100 dollars a month, that is like receiving a bonus check of 700 dollars a month, save that and you can avoid a mortgage payment in the future. have you ever been told to leave a boondocking area by police? have you ever thought about a camper van?

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