Stop Setting Goals, Stack Your Habits Instead! shared by Alex Heyne

Most people don’t have the willingness to break bad habits. They have a lot of excuses and they talk like victims.

-Carlos Santana-

Is Goal Setting a challenge for you ? Do you find yourself setting lofty goals and quitting after missing the mark? Could stacking a related habit become a seed from which a goal may eventually emerge? Today’s Daily Dose shared by Alex Heyne at the Modern Health Monk encourages us to ditch those pesky goals and stack our habits instead.

So how do we build that habit muscle? By more stacking and less stigma. By stacking our habits we remove the stigma of not reaching the goal, so the process itself becomes the goal. An enjoyable process always helps move us to keep up the habit. We can easily reward ourselves for a good habit even when the goal has not been met. Alex does an awesome job expanding this concept, check it out here.

Give it a shot, next time you have a goal in mind, take the first step by stacking a habit that leads you down that road. Forget about the end goal, it will come when you least expect it.

Learn more about Alex Heyne and his work via the Modern Health Monk or his Channel. Alex also has a great new book, Master the Day: Eat, Move and Live Better With The Power of Daily Habits.  

Hope you enjoy this message and the day.

Stay Wise and Stack Those Habits.


3 thoughts on “Stop Setting Goals, Stack Your Habits Instead! shared by Alex Heyne

  1. Many years ago…and I mean many, I use to run about 6 miles every morning. Except, I didn’t really run 6 miles. What I actually did was run to the nearest telephone pole. After that I’d run to the next, then the next…and so on. I believe that’s the way to tackle goals. If your house is a mess, don’t clean the entire house because that would be daunting and you probably won’t do it. What I can do is vacuum the living room and maybe, just maybe, I may wash dishes after that…

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