How to Escape a Lazy Society, shared by Koi Fresco

I’d be frightened by not using whatever abilities I’d been given. I’d be more frightened by procrastination and laziness.

-Denzel Washington-

Do you feel surrounded by lazy people? Do you feel unmotivated and lazy but cannot overcome it? Today’s Daily Dose, shared by Koi Fresco is an inquiry into the state of laziness. Keep reading and let’s learn how to be a bit more motivated!

Koi argues our attraction to a lazy lifestyle here in the West is due to a couple simple factors. First, the mix of technology and culture allows us to expect instantaneous results, rather than commitment to long-term projects and mastery. Second, he quotes the late Terence McKenna, arguing that we have lost sight of the possibilities we have as humans; therefore limiting our minds to repeating the same unfulfilling actions. Koi gives great examples of these two limiting factors at work.

Koi Fresco is an author, YouTube creator and Etsy craftsman. Koi began his channel in 2014 after recovering from addiction and spending a year in jail. Koi has just released a new book, titled A (Not So) Enlightened Youth,  documenting how the decisions in his youth shaped his life. Having been brought down from an egotistical youth to a teacher suits Koi well. His channel is inspiring and positive, exploring areas from Buddhism to Body Language.

Please check out this well done video and connect with Koi via his Channel, Twitter or Instrgram.

Have a great day!

Stay Wise and Motivated.




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