“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.”


What if your doctor told you that you didn’t need him anymore? Could your body heal itself and reverse poor health without medication? Today’s Daily Dose shared by Dr. Michael Greger, founder of Nutritionfacts.org is a small primer on heart disease and our ability to reverse damage done through establishing healthy habits.

Dr. Greger gives the example of us bumping our shin and watching it heal over a short period of time. He equates much of our internal health to be of the same properties. He explains how modern medicine will allow us to mask the pain of that bruised shin, or ailing heart, lungs, etc. by providing medication to ease the discomfort. Consequently, the bruised shin gets re-injured each day with no long-term healing.  Simply put, if we improve our poor eating, lifestyle and excercise choices, our bodies will begin to heal themselves.

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Stay Wise and Love Your Body!