Wise Living: Off Grid as a Female, Tips for Women & Even Men! shared by Pure Living for Life


Technology has a shadow side.  The false belief that a safety net of sophisticated drugs and machines stretches below us, permitting lazy lifestyle choices, has undermined our spirit of self-reliance.

-Andrew Weil-

Was your spouse raised like a Disney princess? Were you? Does the idea of living off grid sound awesome but unfeasible for urbanites who consider roughing it a hotel with no room service? Today’s Daily Dose shared by Jesse and Alyssa of Pure Living for Life is motivation for any city dweller who is doubting their homesteading skills.

Jesse and Alyssa purchased 5 acres of land in the Inland Northwest and are building a homestead from scratch, debt free! They are documenting their journey via YouTube and a blog. To make the process more enjoyable, they brought along a travel trailer to live in while construction takes place. In this video, they both give fantastic tips and encouragement for those of us who think homesteading is a noble but unachievable goal.

Follow along with Jesse and Alyssa via their channel, website, Facebook and Instagram accounts. They post great videos from easy solar solutions to foraging for berries and plants. For those with an attraction to the cost of homesteading, their website provides expense reports each month for thier homesteading activities.

Please check out this inspiring couple and support their awesome goal. Best of luck Jesse and Alyssa, may your homestead continue to develop and grow this year.

Enjoy the week and Stay Wise!


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