Weekend Wisdom: “Seeing Anew” shared by Jack Kornfield

“The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.”

Jack Kornfield

How do we let each moment die without attachment to it? Can seeing each moment anew minimize the suffering our minds create for us? Why are these seemingly simple exercises so challenging? This Weekend’s Wisdom shared by Jack Kornfield at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center holds a few tips from people who have lived each moment without expectations.

Jack teaches us the ancient tradition of letting go and allowing each moment to unfold into the next. He concedes that through letting go of our beliefs for a moment, we begin to see people and experiences “anew”; with respect and dignity for what or who they are. If the person is your over-critical mother-in-law, letting go of the expectation that she be different may help you treat her with a bit more kindness.

Jack Kornfield is an author, teacher and Buddhist Practitioner. Jack began his journey in the 1960’s when he joined the Peace Corps and began to study in Asia under Venerable Ajahn Chah. After understanding the power of the mind and our ability to shape it, Jack came back to the U.S. and co-founded the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts as well as Spirit Rock in Woodacre, California.

Jack has a gentle tone and often uses humorous anecdotes to move us to action. Jack’s work can be found all over the web, my favorite places are the Spirit Rock YouTube channel and Jack’s personal YouTube channel. Both of those hold countless hours of awesome talks worth a look. As a person who is often under self-inflicted pressure to succeed while remaining content, I find Jack’s work very relatable and balanced.

Please enjoy this talk and support Jack in his lifelong mission to bring more insight into our world.

Many thanks to you Jack, may you be happy and wise for many more years to come.






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