I cook croquetas, and I eat jamon. I keep my diet 100% Mediterranean and drink my Rioja.

-Paz Vega-

Does the Mediterranean diet hold one of the keys to our health? How does fat actually affect our body?  Can Cholesterol not be a dirty word? Today’s Daily Dose, The Story of Fat, shared by What I’ve Learned helps shed light on some less publicized theories with regard to Fat and Cholesterol.

The Story of Fat begins with Ancel Keys and his historic, yet controversial, starvation study. It ends with bones of contention regarding Key’s study and presents alternative theories to help us delve deeper into the subject of health and longevity. Although there is a wealth of information regarding fat and cholesterol, this video is a great primer to begin your knowledge base.

What I’ve Learned is a new YouTube Channel created by Joseph Everett, a native of Tokyo who created a Blog to deliver useful information with hints on how to apply it to your life. Joseph has succeeded in producing great videos with thought-provoking messages. Please check out What I’ve Learned and Life for Busy People, Joseph’s blog, or connect with him on Twitter.

Many thanks to Joseph Everett for his hard work exploring new ideas.  Well done.

Have a great weekend and Stay Wise.