Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be attained only by someone who is detached.

-Simone Weil-

Could ancient wisdom from the Toltec culture give us guidance on the subject of attachment? How could understanding the 5 ways we inappropriately attach ourselves to the world help us suffer a bit less? Today’s Daily Dose presented by The Journey, reviews The Five Levels of Attachment, Toltec Wisdom, by Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.

Don Miguel, a best selling author, is of the Toltec and Nagual heritage, which incorporates the spiritual and mythological with awareness to bring clarity. He presents the 5 levels of attachment:

  • Authentic Self
  • Preference
  • Identification
  • Internalization
  • Fanaticism

while inviting us to look at our lives to see how an unhealthy concentration of these levels can leave us in a fog.

Check out the Journey’s channel which includes a number of fantastic animated book reviews.  The Journey does an awesome job animating and summarizing Miguel’s powerful work. Well done to both the reviewer and author.

Have a great day and Stay Wise.