Correction does much, but encouragement does even more.

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-

What if we can’t part with our family heirlooms or that cherished book collection? Are we destined to be featured on Hoarders someday? Should we look at material minimalism as an impractical ideal never to be attained? Today’s Daily Dose, Minimalism Struggles, by Victoria at FemmeHead, shares a wise perspective about the struggles with minimalism as well as some tips to make the process a bit more enticing.

Victoria is an innovator who has created FemmeHead, a blog and YouTube channel that tackles taboo subjects relating to women. She educates and inspires women to understand their bodies and minds. Victoria has shared videos with a range of topics from body hair to zero-waste living. In addition, Victoria has created Celebration Day for Girls, an opportunity for daughters and mothers to explore the journey into womanhood together in a day-long retreat style.

Well done Victoria! Here’s to the continued success of FemmeHead.

Be Well and Stay Wise.