There is more to life than increasing its speed.

-Mahatma Gandhi-

Ever watch those harried parents shoveling food into their families mouths to get off to the next event? How about the attractive young diners staring at their phones, intent on not missing a status update or email? Today’s Daily Dose from Leo Gura at shows us the benefits of a slower yet more fulfilling pace. Complete with visualizations of a simpler pace, this talk is 45 minutes closer to a quiet life. is both a channel and website aimed to help us tune in with the potential we always knew we had. Leo is a self-development junkie who became a guinea pig for self-help books in 2007. As a result, Leo has created almost 300 videos from  meditation to masculinity to present his insights. Spend some time with Leo on his Channel, Website and Twitter to unlock your potential and magic.  Many thanks Leo, well done.

Stay Wise.