“The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works, is the family.”

-Lee Iacocca-

How awesome would it be to sit down and tell your parents how amazing they are? Maybe even over a few bottles of wine? Today’s Daily Dose shared by Gary Vaynerchuk, aka Gary Vee is a wonderful testament to the masterpiece of family.

Gary and his father, Sasha, spend about a half hour exemplifying the joys of life together. Gary Vee is a best selling author, media guru and serial entrepreneur. His work includes the AskGaryVee Show, a forum for entrepreneurs, and an equally well done Social Media and Tech Blog. Spend a few moments with Gary and Sasha to see how one dad’s wisdom and dedication helped shape an equally wise son.

Last but not least, Gary has released some amazing reads, please check them out below and support his passion!    Thanks Gary Vee, to your continued success and the success of your family; best wishes for 2017.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the day and Stay Wise.