Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight.

-Phyllis Diller-

Anger?  Yes please. Many of us take the Phyllis Diller approach and we often think it is for good reason. This Weekend Wisdom by Tara Brach helps affirm that our anger may hold both intelligence and emotion. Tara helps us work to not get tied up in the emotion but rather express our intelligent points. In the end helping to awaken us to our desires and goals.

Tara is one of the most gentle and insightful speakers I have ever spent hours with. Her hour long meditations pass quickly and include fantastic jokes. Not the terrible jokes I often tell my growing children and receive looks of disdain but truly humorous remarks. If you get bit by the Tara bug and want to learn more about her visit her channel or her website. Thank you Tara for sharing so much of your passion for Western Psychology and Eastern Spiritual practice with us.

Enjoy your weekend and Stay Wise