Nomad without gettin’ Mad


Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want to impress people they don’t like.

-Will Rogers

Going against the grain can be hard. Matt Dube and Danielle Chabassol from Exploring Alternatives have opened my eyes to living situations which make going against the grain an adventure. Their motto is “living large with less” and they have certainly awakened me to that possibility.

Find their channel here: and their website/blog here:

Support them here:

Exploring Alternatives is a channel I discovered when I had the notion of living in a camper van and traveling the country. I found loads of people documenting their travels on YouTube but very few as innovative as Matt and Danielle. They began their channel by giving us a tour of life in a camper van and a video diary of their first cross country excursion.

What separates this channel from the herd of RV and camper van channels is the direction Matt and Danielle took after beginning their nomadic journey. They moved from videos about their life in a camper van to minimalist budgeting and earing money while on the road. If exploring those topics wasn’t enough, they began a serious quest to find others living in alternative situations. This is where the channel went from engaging to awesome! They traveled the world to find some of the most unique individuals living in alternative homes and communities. Some of my favorites videos are living on a Sailboat full time, a tour of a Bubble Shelter and more recently, living in a Yurt.

This channel is one of my favorite subscriptions because of the number of individuals that Matt and Danielle encounter in their search for other nomads living with less. Each week a new episode greets me with a innovative video about living well with less. Check this channel out;  you will find floating houses, teardrop trailer homes and even a tiny Shepard’s Hut home! I bet you will be as hooked as I was to leave the suburbs and head off to explore our world in an unconventional home.

Oh, and if you are as intrigued as I was about full time van life, they have recently published a Guide to Van Life, find it here:

Best of luck in your adventures Matt and Danielle. Hoping our camper vans cross paths someday soon!



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