Living as a Global Nomad in abundance


“I do not particularly like the word ‘work.’ Human beings are the only animals who have to work, and I think that is the most ridiculous thing in the world. Other animals make their livings by living, but people work like crazy, thinking that they have to in order to stay alive. The bigger the job, the greater the challenge, the more wonderful they think it is. It would be good to give up that way of thinking and live an easy, comfortable life with plenty of free time.”

-Masanobu Fukuoka

Have you ever wanted to live like a nomad traveling the world and working from a laptop?  Living simply while experiencing the abundance of life? How much do we need to be content? Is a good life measured  by the number of items you purport to own?

Keep reading and you may be hooked on this modern day nomad. Brittany Taylor is a global nomad living out of a backpack and her RV “Winnie”. She travels the world while coaching, operating multiple YouTube channels, and a website. She is a self described “seeker” and works to find abundance in life with minimal attachments.

Find Brittany here:

I began following Brittany when I became interested in minimalist living, admittedly and trendy topic. Initially turned on by a TED talk titled “A Rich Life with Less Stuff” starring Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Millburn; watch it here at .

Minimalism as a term originated in the arts and architecture in the early 1900’s, it did not relate to living as it’s been coined today. What Nicodemus and Millburn began to practice was Simple Living, which dates back to Henry David Thoreau in the 1850’s and even further back to the third century AD with Epicureanism. Epicurus explained the trouble in maintaining a life of high consumption outweighing the pleasure in partaking in that life. Find more about simple living and it’ historical roots here:

Although the TED talk was a great primer for simple living I was seeking someone nomadic who had no home base and left everything extraneous behind on each new journey in life.  Brittany is open, she describes her struggles leaving attachments for a nomadic lifestyle, her trials when the few items she has in her backpack were lost, what she carrys in her backpack, how she finances a free lifestyle, as well as her connections with other nomads in her travels. Recently she visited Thailand and watching her live, work and play was inspiring.

She has recently embarked on a connection with Conor, another handsome nomad. They have started to speak on the topic of authentic relationships and it’s a great channel, find it at

Its encouraging to see individuals break free from the expectations many of us have about life and the requirements to live a good life. Abundance can be found anywhere as long as we are open. Good luck Brittany and Conor, may your future adventures be as awesome as your past.


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