Master Emotional Intelligence Today! shared by Practical Psychology

A prerequisite to empathy is simply paying attention to the person in pain.

-Daniel Goleman-

Is venting always a good idea? Can distracting my mind until I’m able to deal with my emotions be a better tactic? How come I have a high IQ but my interpersonal relationships suck? What is my lizard brain? Today’s Daily Dose about understanding Emotional Intelligence or EQ, shared by Practical Psychology could lead you down the right path.

EQ, a concept brought forward by psychologist Daniel Goleman in the late 1990’s, has become ubiquitous throughout academia and the business world. Check out his work here:

Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships

A broad term which revolves around 5 areas of growth and self-awareness. Practical Psychology does an awesome job of breaking down those 5 areas with a succinct animated video.

Practical Psychology is a relatively new channel dedicated to producing high-quality and informative videos in the self-development realm. The channel has put out some great videos with fantastic animations. Please connect with them on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to help spread their awesome content. If you would like to learn more about Daniel Goleman and his innovative work, connect with his library here.

Have a great day and Stay Wise!


Jack Kornfield on “Inner Strength and Kindness: Practices for a Wise Life”

“The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.”

Jack Kornfield

How do we let each moment die without attachment to it? Can seeing each moment anew minimize the suffering our minds create for us? Why are these seemingly simple exercises so challenging? This Weekend’s Wisdom shared by Jack Kornfield at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center holds a few tips from people who have lived each moment without expectations.

Jack teaches us the ancient tradition of letting go and allowing each moment to unfold into the next. He concedes that through letting go of our beliefs for a moment, we begin to see people and experiences “anew”; with respect and dignity for what or who they are. Jack Kornfield is an author, teacher and Buddhist Practitioner. Check out my 3 favorite books by Jack:

After the Ecstasy, the Laundry: How the Heart Grows Wise on the Spiritual Path

Meditation for Beginners

A Path with Heart: A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life

Jack began his journey in the 1960’s when he joined the Peace Corps and began to study in Asia under Venerable Ajahn Chah. After understanding the power of the mind and our ability to shape it, Jack came back to the U.S. and co-founded the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts as well as Spirit Rock in Woodacre, California.

Jack has a gentle tone and often uses humorous anecdotes to move us to action. Jack’s work can be found all over the web, my favorite places are the Spirit Rock YouTube channel and Jack’s personal YouTube channel. Both of those hold countless hours of awesome talks worth a look. As a person who is often under self-inflicted pressure to succeed while remaining content, I find Jack’s work very relatable and balanced.

Many thanks to you Jack, may you be happy and wise for many more years to come.

Develop Grit! shared by Project Life Mastery & Angela Duckworth

Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.

-Julie Andrews-

What makes some of us work harder than others? Can doing “one hard thing” a day help develop “grit” early in life? Today’s Daily Dose shared by Stefan at Project Life Mastery is a great primer to understanding the world of “grit”.

Stefan’s thesis comes from a book by Angela Duckworth, check it out below:

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Angela quit a stressful consultant position to teach math to seventh graders in the New York City. After studying why some students worked harder and longer than others, she began to develop an understanding of the qualities which promote perseverance.  Angela then developed a Grit Scale which is a series of questions to test your ability to persevere.  Check it out here!

If you enjoy this clip, check out more from Project Life Mastery. Stefan James does an awesome job helping us move toward a more abundant life. Learn more about Angela Duckworth via her website and her Ted Talk where she introduces her research on Grit.

Hope you enjoy these two great creators as much as I have. Have a great day.

Stay Wise and Gritty!

Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie, shared by One Percent Better

If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry. And if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it.

-George Burns-

How much time did you spend worrying today? Did all that energy change the outcome of any of your problems? Is it possible to worry a bit less tomorrow and live a bit more? Today’s Daily Dose shared by One Percent Better may help, by teaching you some of Dale Carnegie’s timeless lessons.

Carnegie shares Seven Ways to cultivate a mental attitude that will bring you peace:

1. Fill your mind with thoughts of peace, courage, and hope

2. Never try to get even with your enemies

3. Expect ingratitude

4. Count your blessings, not your troubles

5. Find Yourself and Be Yourself

6. Try to profit from your losses

7. Create happiness for others

Published in 1948 in Britain, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living is still an award-winning work which is quoted by many in successful business and personal endeavors.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Dale Carnegie’s Lifetime Plan for Success: The Great Bestselling Works Complete In One Volume

One Percent Better is a channel created by Brandon, a talented young man from Australia. Brandon has created dozens of animated summaries of the most influential self-help and self-improvement books on the market. Brandon’s summaries are concise, packed with useful information and well-animated to keep you tuned in. Many thanks to Brandon for his amazing work and preservation of some of the best motivational works out there.

I hope you enjoy Brandon and Dale Carnegie’s works as much as I have.

Have an awesome weekend and Stay Wise!

A Day in The Life of Van Dwellers, shared by Exploring Alternatives

Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want to impress people they don’t like.

-Will Rogers

Going against the grain can be hard. Matt Dube and Danielle Chabassol from Exploring Alternatives have opened my eyes to living situations which make going against the grain an adventure. Their motto is “living large with less” and they have certainly awakened me to that possibility.

Exploring Alternatives is a channel I discovered when I had the notion of living in a camper van and traveling the country. I found loads of people documenting their travels on YouTube but very few as innovative as Matt and Danielle. They began their channel by giving us a tour of life in a camper van and a video diary of their first cross country excursion.

What separates this channel from the herd of RV and camper van channels is the direction Matt and Danielle took after beginning their nomadic journey. They moved from videos about their life in a camper van to minimalist budgeting and earing money while on the road.

If this topic sparks an interest, find some of my favorite Wise Reads about alternative living here:

The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own

How to Live In a Car, Van, or RV: And Get Out of Debt, Travel, and Find True Freedom

Shipping Container Homes: The Ultimate Guide To Building Shipping Container Homes For Sustainable Living, Including Plans, Tips, Cool Ideas, And More!

Oh, and if you are as intrigued as I was about full time van life, Matt and Danielle have recently published a Guide to Van Life, find it here:

Best of luck in your adventures Matt and Danielle. Hoping our camper vans cross paths someday soon!

Ways to Say I Love You with Compassionate Communication, shared by Conor and Brittany

As we grow in our consciousness, there will be more compassion and more love, and then the barriers between people, between religions, between nations will begin to fall.

-Ram Dass-

How compassionate and loving is your communication? Do you ever feel like those around you share space in a non-judgmental and supportive manner? Can we hold space for someone’s experience if it differs from our own? Today’s Daily Dose, shared by Brittany Taylor and Conor McMillen helps us get closer to compassionate communication.

Making a conscious effort to show up in a compassionate way can be challenging. Fortunately for us, we can get there with a bit of insight. Brittany and Conor delve deeper into simple methods and great suggestions to maintain a healthy balance in our daily communications. They are confident we can bring love to all of our relationships from a place of acceptance.

Conor McMillen and Brittany Taylor aspire to teach the world about authentic relationships. They  share a YouTube channel full of awesome videos to help deepen our connection to the world and to each other. In the winter Brittany and Conor travel the world with just a backpack and explore the U.S. in the warmers month via Winnie, their 19 foot Winnebago. Connect with Brittany and Conor on their channel and website,which includes relationship programs, a recipe book and events listings.

If you’re a reader, here are some Wise Reads on Love and Compassion!

Many thanks to Brittany and Conor for sharing their love of living unique, authentic lives with one another and the world. May they continue to bring joy to each other and to those they connect with.

If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree, shared by Jim Rohn

Time has more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.

Jim Rohn

Let’s be honest, motivational speakers can be annoying. They share anecdotal tales of rags to riches and tell us we can do the same thing with minimal effort if we desired. Could there be a speaker worth tolerating? In my quest for personal development I found one man who led the pack, his name is Jim Rohn.

Jim is no longer with us but has left an amazing legacy, which includes videos from the 1970’s forward. Those recordings are a mix of comedy standup and daily encouragement. Jim had one of the most distinct Midwest accents and a kind supportive smile that made you feel like he was sure you could achieve your goals. He has left a number of awesome reads too:

Twelve Pillars

Seasons of Life

Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle

Jim’s story always started with a tale of a girl scout coming to his door to sell cookies when he was flat broke. After lying to the girl scout that he had an ample supply of thin mints to not disclose his poverty, he decided he was sick and tired of being broke. Finally, he gives us the courage to be honest with ourselves and work harder rather than relying on excuses or resting on our failures.

Spend a bit of time with Jim’s talks and you will find his wisdom timeless. He tugs on the same chords we struggle with today as humans trying to eek out a secure existence. Jim’s wisdom is not just for those in business but for anyone who wants to enjoy their craft while living life to the fullest.

Have an awesome week and stay wise!

Your Crazy Just Might Work!, shared by Alexi Panos

“Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops.”

-Cary Grant-

We all have that little bit of crazy that moves us right? The quietly held fantasy or the vivid dream shared with a loved one. Could the massive energy behind those crazy dreams motivate us to succeed in making them a reality? Today’s Daily Dose shared by Alexi Panos tells us YES!

Alexi Panos is an author, international speaker and self-proclaimed Truth Junkie. Alexi has recently created Soul School,helping people dive deeper into what it means to be human and live with a sense of purpose. She is also a bestselling author, check out her work here:

50 Ways to Yay!: Transformative Tools for a Whole Lot of Happy

Now or Never: Your Epic Life in 5 Steps

Alexi’s messages are always passionate and uplifting. She is a joy to watch and listen to each day. Connect with Alexi via her website, channel and her books. Many thanks to Alexi for her hard work and awesome channel!

Have a great weekend and Stay Wise.

Why Eat Paleo, shared by Tiffany Lyman

“The greatest wealth is health.”

~ Virgil ~

Are you looking for the next diet to lose the extra pounds that you managed to pick up somehow (just like the rest of us)? We always feel the need to over indulge in foods that we really shouldn’t.  We then torture ourselves in finding that magic pill to get rid of those pesky pounds that have taken a toll on our overall health.  Guess what?  There is no magic pill that will make you lose the weight overnight.  We certainly didn’t gain the weight overnight either.

Getting healthy takes time and is more of a lifestyle change in order for the weight loss to be a long-term goal rather than a quick fix.  Deep down we know this.  Being human however most of us have lost the patience and want the quick fix.  Be kind to yourself and make the lifestyle change.

We see different ideas of lifestyle changes.  And of course, we grunt about it.  No one wants to give up pasta, bread, cheese and of course pizza.  Why would we want to give up pizza?  Here’s a quote from the video: “No one is making you give up any foods- you are choosing to do it because you want a better life.”

So, which lifestyle change will work for you?  That’s the million-dollar question.  I took a closer look at the Paleo diet (the caveman diet) and just how one would start it.  This great video by Paleo Magazine helps with 5 different ways to start this particular lifestyle.  It ranges from starting out strictly (if you are REALLY good at sticking to things and following the steps) to slowly starting the life style change so it doesn’t mentally throw you into shock (I know it would me).

Your next question is what is allowed on the Paleo diet? Check out the top cookbooks below for the Paleo cook for some awesome ideas!

The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom

Well Fed Weeknights: Complete Paleo Meals in 45 Minutes or Less

Paleo for Beginners: Essentials to Get Started

You can also check out the link below from Ultimate Paleo Guide.  It gives you a list of things you can and cannot eat while living this lifestyle.  As always do your research and of course check with your physician (especially if you currently have medical issues) before you change your lifestyle and begin any type of exercise.  If your doctors not helping you take the healthy path….get a new doctor!

Don’t forget to add in some exercise (again with doctor’s permission of course)!

Check out more information on the Paleo diet on their webpage. Thanks for reading, have an awesome day! 


Five Levels of Attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr., shared by The Journey

Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be attained only by someone who is detached.

-Simone Weil-

How could ancient wisdom from the Toltec culture give us guidance on the subject of attachment? Could understanding the 5 ways we inappropriately attach ourselves to the world help us suffer a bit less? Today’s video presented by The Journey, reviews The 5 Levels of Attachment, by Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.

Don Miguel, a best selling author, is of the Toltec and Nagual heritage, which incorporates the spiritual and mythological with awareness to bring clarity. He presents the 5 levels of attachment:

  • Authentic Self
  • Preference
  • Identification
  • Internalization
  • Fanaticism

while inviting us to look at our lives to see how an unhealthy concentration of these levels can leave us in a fog. If this peaks your interest, Ruiz and his father have created a library of wonderful books:

The Five Levels of Attachment: Toltec Wisdom for the Modern World

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)

The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship: A Toltec Wisdom Book

Check out the Journey’s channel which does an awesome job animating and summarizing Ruiz’s powerful work. Well done to both the reviewer and author. Hope you enjoy!

Have a great day and Stay Wise.